The Mythical Super Moon

By simply gazing and whispering in the air on “How I am amazed by its’ beauty, I feel in a bliss that I am commune with the Mythical Super Moon.”-jmnrsupermoon

I caught myself romanticizing with the Mythical Super Moon….

As I gaze at the Super Moon the sky suddenly filled with clouds, I wait hoping It would eventually come out, as if that moment was my whole lifetime. Time pass, but the Super Moon did not come out, I started blaming the cloud, and the rain pours on me as if its’ telling me to stop my insanity.

As I gaze at the massive clouds that enveloped the sky it started to  clouded my mind. l started to lose hope for it’s already past midnight. Suddenly a flickering light shines in my head telling me, “I must stop hoping that it would show up again”. I step inside my house and decided that my body need a sleep. Frustrated with what happen, I still thinking How could I continue my  communion with the Super Moon. I decided that I could still continue it in my dream, where possibilities are infinite I could even possibly land in it and stay there forever. But reality bites, “DOUBT” clouded my mind, “I will never see the Mythical Super moon again, maybe I could, I should  and I would in another lifetime!!!.” 



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